About WireCo Australia


About WireCo Australia

WireCo Australia is based on the Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia, and was previously named FISHERIES SUPPLIES. In 2012, WireCo group purchased the company and renamed it Lankhorst Euronete Australia. The WireCo group is one of the largest steel and synthetic rope manufacturers in the world. With this combination of manufacturing facilities behind us, we can offer a wide variety of products and services for Lifting & Rigging, Maritime & Offshore, Commercial Fishing, Mining, Oil & Gas, and the Crane Industries. We re-named to WireCo Australia in 2021.

We offer a full service: large stocks of synthetic and wire ropes, splicing services, and handling abilities through to large diameter products with socketing and pressing of wire rope assemblies ready for the field.

As a supplier of steel wire ropes, WireCo Australia has direct access to WireCo's brands including Casar, Oliveira, Drumet, Union & Camesa, all leading brands in the various industries we serve. WireCo Australia’s Lifting Equipment products include Grade 80 and Grade 100 components sold separately or manufactured into chain slings, as well as round slings, webbing slings, Shackles, Lifting Points, Panel Lifters and Van Beest Specialty shackles.

We also maintain large stocks of marine hardware and netting for the Maritime and Commercial Fishing Industries. We have a NATA calibrated Wirop 200 tonne tension test bed facility on site and we proof test our products to ensure we maintain the highest standards for all certified products.

WireCo Australia is the leading supplier of quality wire and synthetic rope products in Australia. The advanced technology, high quality of materials used, and dynamic designing and Testing ensures longevity of all our products for our customers Call us today on 1300 947 326 or email us at sales@wireco.com.au.